Just shot our first live episode of Your Week in G33k tonight and here’s something that didn’t make the cut. Doesn’t mean it’s not cool just that I couldn’t figure out a dick or poop joke to go with the video.

It seems pretty nifty at first but I think I could run that fast too with a few wires shoved up my ass! I guess that counts as a dick and/or poop joke. And this is what you get to hold you over until tomorrow night.


Okay, I can’t leave you that way…here’s Mothra from GenCon.

And if you’re still not satisfied just be thankful you’re not drinking this:


Yeah, saw this in an Indianapolis CVS next to some Dora the Explorer┬áband aids. It was less than $10 for the 1.75 L. Which at that price you might as well just run out into traffic right now and get the pain started because your going to feel like twice hammered shit come sun up anyway. Prolly more cost efficient, and healthier, to just chug some rubbing alcohol. It’s really the guy in the smoking jacking with the walking stick and Ren Faire boots that sells this product. He mocks you. Challenges you to put your liver, nay your whole central nervous system, to the test. Either that or it’s just to make poor people feel fancy about the limited variety of imbibables available to them.

Either way GenCon was a blast as was PAX last weekend. I talk about PAX tomorrow on the show. That and shark boats. Watch it and share it. Like a movie about herpes!