I went to the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games last weekend and noticed that they were offering an open competition called the Boulder Boogie. I do all kinds of weird things in my backyard anyway so training for this shouldn’t piss the neighbor’s dogs off anymore than the sled pulls, lunge ladders and bear crawls already do.

Personally I believe a lot of the time one set of dogs is just looking for a distraction from the perpetually annoyed woman they live with who yells at both them and her husband with equal enthusiasm. The only time my wife yells like that is during Lords of Acid/American Psycho inspired sex or at a Dethklok concert.

She is just awesome like that!

So now to make my life even more adventurously awesome I decided to boogie with that boulder when next we meet. So next January. So with almost a year of training in front of me I got started on it a few nights ago.

As many rounds as possible in 20 min of:

82# bag carry for 300′ +

10 sledge slams on the tractor tire +

5 pullups

Managed 8 full rounds. Much room for improvement. The next 12 months will see the weights go up and the time per round come down. Keeping my workouts fun/challenging/always FN different makes sure that I’ll do it.

I get bored so easily.