5 rounds of 5 pull ups + 90# carried at the chest for around 300′


More rocks and more rollin’ yesterday. Faster and more efficient than last time. I thought it was getting easier till my wife Angie reminded me that it’s not. But I am getting stronger.

Piss and vinegar I suppose.

Many moons to go fore I carry the boulder around in competition but I’ll look at this day as one small accomplishment. More distance and more weight. Lots more to go, but all in time. Consistency is the key in any endeavor. 

You want it? 

Go after it!

Every damn day.

Get up, saddle your horse and ride until the sun’s gone down. Test yourself and the patience of others. Pick up that flag, that rifle, that purpose and fight!

Working out is one helluva metaphor eh? I’m sore and bleeding and bruised quite literally in certain places on my ever aging body but you know what?

I can still feel pain…and strain…and fatigue…and complete exhaustion…ergo I am alive.

I never, ever take that for granted. So I lift and strain and trudge and sprint and hurt and burn. 

And smile the entire I’m at it.