It’s not the destination, it’s the trip (that hurts!)

It’s been a hectic few weeks but the miles run are getting faster and the weight or distance carried (or both!) of my Boulder Boogying is increasing as well. The latter thanks in part I’m sure to a new workout I devised and run at least once every other week. It’s called “Nine Circles” and if you don’t get the reference read a book! Nine rounds of varying poundage and footage. First time I ran this I think only three laps were doubles (one of my backyard laps is about 300′) and I used a lot less weight. With good eating and consistent training I’ve grown and it shows. Still not sleeping enough thanks to home decoration projects and Gears of War: Judgment but there is no normal life there is just life right? So here it is:

1) 100# for 300′

2) 100# for 600′

3) 125# for 600′

4) 125# for 300′

5) 100# for 300′

6) 125# for 300′

7) 100# for 600′

8) 100# for 300′

9) 125# for 600′

No more than 3 minutes of rest between rounds.

Sure I’m real sore from all this and it hurts, like the huff-puff scream breathing kind of hurt but I do really enjoy it. I like to jump over things and run fast and make my forearms burn and my lungs catch fire and my stomach hate me and so many really painful things. I like them. It all hurts. But stopping hurts more.

I just can’t ever stop.

I want to go out gritting and grinning. Because with the scars, with ever kink in every step, there is life. Disease, disability and ultimately death are chasing me down, chasing all of us down, so why make it easy for that bony bastard? I’m not scared of him but I’ll at least make him work for it.