Whoooooooo…would draw this and why?


The answers? A lady named Betty Turbo made this and I’m pretty certain she did so to make my Monday night even that much better. Better because I already had pizza and vodka and Pepper Mint so I only had a little room left to cram any more awesomeness into the evening.

Elections are soooo important!


So go and vote for Pepper Mint in Playboy’s Miss Social Contest right now! She’s in a tight battle for first and if she wins the day she’ll be in the semifinals!!!

Pepper! She’s the spice of life!!!


It’s true! Pepper Mint of Mint Chocolate Chippie fame wants to be in Playboy and you can help! Check out “Playboy’s Miss Social Contest” on Facebook and vote your sweet ass off for Pepper!

And the winner is…


Well, winners actually. It’s Tom, Cynthia and Airborne as they all tickled my fancy a bit and really I have at least three prizes laying around. So next time I see you fine folks I’ll give you all something special 😉 However for all the rest of you reading and not yet participating should you read this at some point in the future and decide to go back and write something all ha-ha or omg I may yet give away something super special. So there. Thanks for looking folks and making me giggle.

A Grand Tale to Tell…


Or at least a few sentences thereof. Yes, first a list and now a contest! Man, what’s this blog coming too? Look, I’ve made you laugh or cry or feel inspired right? And you want to win a prize don’t you? And we all want to see if I can just keep asking question after question???

Okay, I could do that but I need to get on with this so I’ll stop.

And get on…

with it.

So much of this just makes me smile, I hope you smile once in a while too. We all just might if you do your jobs right! Yep, your jobs! See I’m going to post a picture at the end of all this and your job will be to write me one fantastic paragraph about it. A one blurb story if you will. Or maybe just the intro or climax or dénouement of that story. Get creative ‘cause the best one gets something from the closet. The prize closet. Something will come out of the closet for you! If you’re funny or intriguing or amazing enough that is. And I’m not really gonna tell you what the hell all the stuff is in the picture until it’s all said and done so that’s just more imaginary avenues for you to explore. Contest deadline is oh let’s say October 17th at 9:56 p.m. Have fun and post your paragraphs right here.

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