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The Sleeper has awakened!


A beginning is a very delicate time.  Know then that it is the year two thousand and ten.  The known universe will most likely die of shock when it finds out that I’m actually starting a blog.  To say I thought long and hard about what to write my first time out of the gate would be, well, a lie.  Honestly since the net’s been around for what seems like forever now there’s really nothing I could do or say here that could possibly live up to all you’re going to expect. So really I’m pissed at you for expecting so damn much!

I’m kidding, of course, that’s me the kidder.  If you already know me then you already knew that.  If not just take most everything I say with a grain of salt. Most of it’s true, some of it’s exaggerated, parts are remembered incorrectly but it’s all funny.

No, I don’t have an off switch.

But that’s why you’ll like me. So hold on tight (real tight if you’re a hot girl or Reuben Langdon) ’cause who knows what’s around my crazy life’s next corner?  Shit, I don’t have a clue. But that’s the fun of it all. And this here is gonna be the record of it all. The spice must flow baby, and it will 😉

Happy Birthday!


Tentacle Chris just had a birthday recently – and as a gift, we bestow upon him this blog.  Now to see if he can conjugate verbs and stuff…

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