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Just 3 days


That long and I’ll be at DragonCon. I sit here near to finishing the second of the three gallons of water I’ll drink before I go to bed tonight with most of my 49g of carbs for the day already burned.

My head aches.

My body is slow.

My thoughts slower.

I thought for a moment “I’m dying here!”

But no, I’m living.

Deviant Cast Live! Tonight!


As Hudson would say “Check it out!”



Word combining. Wombining. Like thinking “that’s a wild hairstyle” but saying “wairstyle” instead. Or calling a heavy box a “hox”. It’s something I do all the time. Other people have even gotten in on my schtick like the manufacturers of fine goggles for dogs called “doggles”.

Today I threw away my empty package of tuna into the garbage where it landed on the rind of a certain yellow and phallic fruit. And made me laugh. Because I wombine. And thinking about what a tu-nana might look like in the wild is just funny.



What other time of year could you get away with saying you’re swimming in pink satin, old leather, sparkly craft foam, gorilla glue and olive drab BDU pants? Why DragonCon crunch time of course! All the while operating on a few calories, restricted carbs and disturbed sleep each and every day.

It all starts to shake like a shuttle during re-entry at this point and lapses in focus and judgement abound…as in I typed and then looked back at my first sentence which read in part “old laethr and sparkly cfart foam”!

Cfart foam!

Man, I remember it being worth it all once Dragon gets here and it truly is every year but every year it’s a real test. A hellish, hulkish test that you know is coming but hits you with a sucker punch all the same.

Here’s to the seamstresses, tailors, fabricators and each and every person grinding it out these last days on their way to glory in Atlanta.

If this made no sense I blame the turkey sausage and protein shakes.

Truly Outrageous


I have dilly-dallied for far too long in my oft stated desire to learn how to sew. I can manage stitching webbing together, mending holes, or making baggy pants but that’s about it.

And I’ve had a sewing machine for years.

How many I don’t want to say because it’s embarrassing and I really can’t remember but my poor machine has collected more dust motes than it has hours of use. Sad, sad, sad.

But no longer! I have a task in front of me from my partner in all things amazing (that’s Angie if you’re new to all this) and that is to fabricate a Jem dress for her to wear proudly at DragonCon. I say ‘proudly’ because we take our costuming seriously. We believe in a “do it right or just don’t do it” credo.

So this simple pink 80’s style wrap dress needs to be perfect. Along with that wacky belt she sports. And those techo-magical earring things too.

Wish me luck folks. I dust off the promises, plug in the machine and nut up or shut up tonight!

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