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I guess I’m a softy


Jesus. This is horrible. When I come across things like this and I get a shiver down my spine, feel sick to my stomach and a creeping empty terrible sadness wells up in me I’m reminded I’m not quite as jaded as I often think. Well done developer people, well done.

His name was Murphy


I drove through Detroit once and thought that was enough for me but if this statue actually gets built one of my prime directives will be planning a road trip!

I wanted to start up something like this for here in Orlando but I’m pretty sure no one gives a shit about D.A.R.Y.L. anymore.

A movie Michael? Cmon!!!


Will Arrested Development finally get the wrap up it deserves in the form of a full length feature film?

Could this really be it?

Really, really it?

After “yes” then “no” (thanks largely to Michael Cera’s career ambitions) it seemed AD had sailed off into the night like a desperate Lucille on the Queen Mary. I grew sad and took to just watching the whole series once a year to soothe my aching heart but it feels different this time. If it does happen I’ve got a $5,000 suit and some doeves ready to go for the premier! Now if we can just get that Deadwood movie rolling…

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