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And they say chivalry is dead!


Apparently Alex Pettyfer has some rather inspired ink on his nether regions. You might thinks it’s crass but the Sterling Archer in me is shocked and disappointed I didn’t think of it first.

One Cog


No haiku yesterday I know. Time got away from me. Ran a particularly horrible workout on Monday that consisted of carrying 135 pounds zercher style for a little over a mile. Yes, one mile. That effort plus overtime hockey games from the West Coast and the release of the Gears of War 3 Beta have all kept me running on fumes as of late. I’m glad to do it, it’s my choice but my mind is more prone to drifting lately as a result and sadly I let the poem posting slip. Lancers on the brain among other things.

This week felt weird from the start. Ominous and heavy. Time ran away as it always does. Always. Never, ever enough time. Not enough to love someone or kill some stanger in an online deathmatch. To workout and eat right or to keep up with any number of shows or movies or comic books.

Someone I know is dying right now. In the very literal sense.

It’s like a slap across the face really. It shocks you and it numbs you. You ask why and there’s no answer. Others are way better at dealing with Death than I am. I avoid it, try to ignore it. But at those last moments you can’t. I’ll run tonight on aching hips and then scarf some food before I shoot thousands of rounds from a virtual rifle. I’ll hug my wife and tuck her in to bed before I resume said shooting. And I’ll keep running and hugging and shooting. One piece of a clockwork world. Another piece is breaking down today and another will soon take it’s place. One day I’ll be replaced. As will you. Time is slipping away. Go grab some and do something, anything, before it’s all gone.

Great Wall to keep out Marty McFly and Falcor among others!


It’s true and you can read all about the tears of Skynet here. I’m positive this is largely due to the fact that no one in China can properly pronounce “Excellent Adventure”.



Porcelain monkey
Hold onto the bathroom soap
Your smile says volumes



New body and troops
Leonard Nimoy is inside
You go Galvatron

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