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SuperCon! Now!


Come celebrate your independence this weekend with me, Wasabi Anime and the lovely ladies from Cosplay Deviants at Supercon! Tons of fun, costumes, guests, dancing, drinking and wolves! Wooooooooooooolves! In fact if you find me on the con floor and scream “WOLVES!!!” you will get a special prize!

See you there,

Pass the bottle Señor


One of the first years I wore my Colonial Marine gear to Dragoncon my ALIENS mates and I went on a bender that started with Irish Car Bombs and ended with tequila. Too…much…tequila. That particular morning after was one of the worst of my life. I spent most of the morning in the shower only stepping out to vist my dear porcelain friend who received my offerings with alacrity.

Over and over again.

Tequila still haunts me to this day because of this to the point that when I recently ran into an old friend at E3 I hadn’t seen since that weekend the flavors and fury came flooding back causing me to swallow down the imaginary vomit of a hangover long, long past. I was visibly shaken at the memory of that damnalble drink and the violence it had wreaked upon me.

Since then I have traveled to Mexico in order to hunt down and kill tequila. I have become a tequila Punisher. Not really, I was in Cancun for a comic convention with the Cosplay Deviants and hadn’t given much thought to the drink other than to avoid it as much as possible which is incredibly hard to do in the tourist district of Cancun. Thankfully on a day trip out to Chichen Itza one of our stops included a local passably authentic dining experience which included something called “Coochie, Coochie Juice”. Sounds fun and perhaps illegal right? I was all in until I was informed it was a type of tequila. Choking back the memories again my guide, noticing my distress, consoled me with the fact that Coochie Coochie Juice tastes nothing like standard tequila. It’s syrupy and sweet. So I tried it. I liked it. Reminded me in ways of American Honey. One of those drinks you can get destroyed on and never notice till it’s too late because it tastes like candy. And thus began my journey down the long road back to enjoying Mexico’s national treasure.

I thought of these things today when I came across this little blurb. Mexico had warmed my cold tequila-less heart and it seems girl on girl sex will get it beating again. That scene is the only part of Black Swan I’ve actually seen. I saw Mila and Natalie get it on, I read the wiki and I’m good. But even from this dabbling I have learned a great truth: Tequila has shown me it can help you take a licking and keep on ticking. At least if you’re bicurious or like to watch.

So vive la Mexico and vive la lesbians and let this stand as proof that if you live long enough all can be forgiven!




Are you out there now?
Cloaked and oh so dangerous.
Klingon Bird of Prey.

This is Metrodash!


I’m finishing up a fantastic three part post about my epic birthday bash from a few weeks back and will then begin to document for you all my recent trip to E3 (yes, that E3!) but until then here’s a few pics from the Metrodash this past weekend here in Orlando. It’s a nasty little obstacle course you sprint your ass through. I was paired off with what appeared to be a lumbering 6 foot 4 post college glory dude whom I actually ended up chasing for the better part of the course before passing him with 3 hindrances left to go. It was a very draining 10:13. It was also really fun. Here’s a few friends and I at the end of it all. For the full gallery of all the things we carried, flipped, jumped on, climbed over and crawled through click here and enjoy. A birthday full of babes and bad music plus the biggest video game hard on in the world are right around the corner. And some haiku if you’re good. Till then chums.

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