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Many things to pack.
Did I buy enough vodka?
Here comes Dragoncon!

The Long Road Home


I’m sitting at work right now after taking a flight from Seattle last night at 10:55 p.m. local.

Got in, scarfed some protein, took a shower, came to work.

I’m beat and bruised but it was all so worth it. PAX Prime is over for the year but I made so many memories in just those few days I’m sure I can make it throug till next year. Or Pax East 😉 I’ll get into those mighty mental souvenirs from Seattle (and my ones from Gencon) later. Like after Dragoncon later but for now here’s the link to our ALIENS costuming site, The ALIENS Legacy, that I promised numerous folks I’d drop here. Enjoy.



The Retro Lancer
Get running and spear something
Guts wet down the blade



1.75 L of Three Olives Bubble vodka…check.

750 ML of Three Olives Rangtang vodka…check.

750 ML of Three Olives Purple vodka (not grape mind you but Purple)…check.

750 ML of Cupcake Vanilla Frosting vodka…yes indeed.

750 ML of Godiva Liqueur…yup.

750 ML of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey…of course.

705 ML of Jeremiah Weed’s Cherry Mash Blended Bourbon Whiskey…got it.

Three 4-packs of Kahlua Mudslides…sure.

200 ML of Goldschalger and 100 ML of Rumple Minze to mix into the Mudslides for “Oatmeal Cookies”…you just have too.

And 200 ML of 99 Bananas liqueur and 50 ML of Disaronno to top it all off? Why the hell not!

With PAX coming up this week and five more brutal workouts to destroy before we fly out Thursday morning it’s nice to know I’ve got all the important things for DragonCon already taken care of 🙂



Sweaty and bleeding
Find your pain in the garage
And know you’re alive

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