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A Very Wiseman


I have a friend, super clever guy, who even though he has to work today the very Friday before Christmas he busted his ass and got everything done he needed to yesterday. What does this little Christmas miracle mean? It means he went in to work today with nothing at all to do but surf the net and eat cookies. That’s a nice little holiday blessing for my friend there 😉

God bless him and his uncanny hosting abilities and God bless us everyone. Enjoy your family and your friends these next few days and have a very Merry Christmas!


Tis the Season Pardner!


It’s Christmastime so to celebrate remember to change your avatar on every message board you frequent to something Western. Bonus points for switching out your profile pic on Facebook.

If you don’t you’ll make Old Time Whiskey Jesus cry! He’ll cry whiskey tears!

The Little Video That Could AKA I Am Damn Funny!


It’s true. In just over a day this very video has taken the world of auditioning for Tosh.0 by storm. More than 1,300 views! How cool is that? If you haven’t seen it yet what the hell is wrong with you? Click that link and laugh and “like” and all that jazz!

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