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Your Week in G33k Episode 07


This week Tentacle Chris tells you why you will never get to sleep with Padme, we visit the sexy side of Silent Hill with a preview from and address the all too important season finale of Alcatraz.

On the next episode of ‘Your Week in G33k’


Find out what everyone’s favorite Mathilda has been up to, see something amazing happen on a shiny chrome pole and James Cameron heads to Broadway…sort of. It’s all coming…and soon baby! 

Anyone hungry?


Here’s a chance to get a little taste of Tentacle Chris!



I stopped to write this

“Your Week in G33k” must go on

So now I leave you 🙁



p.s. Emoticons don’t count towards the syllable requirements 😛

extra p.s. Three Olives Loopy!

‘Your Week in G33k’ Episode 06


This week we take a look at just how big Michael Fassbender’s facehugger is, a kind salute to yet another sodomy from Michael Bay, and a double dip into the Trailer Trash. All this and so much more on this episode of Your Week in G33k!

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