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A few thoughts then the poem.

This weeks Transformers Prime was amazing. I can’t believer they killed SPOILERBOT!

Walking Dead was pretty good too.

And I will probably dress up as Britney again tomorrow during the day and then pants-less Guy Gardner at night. Even though I’ve put on some weight since GENcon.

Yeah…I need to get back in the garage, my gym, like now.

And here goes:
I need the dry heat
Strap the gun, wrap the poncho
Take the leap and ride



Here’s a poem for ya’ll. Oh and big changes are headed your way very soon too. Back to shows in November with a break in December (because my producer had to go and get married geez!) and then…what’s this…we’re gonna start filming in front of a live studio audience come the new year? Yes, it’s all true. I’ll be in your face more than you ever wanted or less depending on how long I stay. I don’t know. We’ll see. How much vodka have I had again?

Oh poem, right, here you go:

Iron Man 3 trailer
Please don’t get too serious
Still needs me the fun

ttys ūüėČ

Moving Pictures. Sort of.


“What? No Your Week in G33k again? Well that sucks Tentacle Chris!”


I know, life is hard and now you have eight to ten less minutes of me in yours to make it feel better. Hopefully a few pics will cheer you up¬†because¬†I met an extremely talented artist at PinUpalooza last weekend and promised to mention her on the next show and then you know shit happens. But, I am a man of my word so here in non audible fashion (unless you call me and have me read this to you I suppose) is that mention. Her name is Morgan and here’s¬†a small sampling of her work. Blew me away. She’s adorable and has the¬†spirits¬†of like 15 dead¬†Picassos or Rembrandts in her. Now I make it a point to avoid art purchases for the simple reason I have a gallery’s worth sitting unframed in every closet in my house but…she got me with her clever I’ll-have-it-ready-to-go-for-you-all-framed-and-shit sales ploy. Plus this picture was too El Sweeto to pass by. So I didn’t and she even threw in some tentacle porn for free. Nice gal that Morgan.

Look, I caught a ghost on film. That’s totes a lost soul right there!

Muertos 1

And oooooo, now even creepier in the dark or at least not flashiness of my kitchen table. But look…another ghost. Wait that’s just me. Man, I’m gonna be a hot ghost. Patrick Swayze better watch out!

Muertos 2

Episode 27…take two!


So yeah, one whole segment didn’t render correctly. I could blame myself and my producer for not noticing or instead insist that it was the fault of¬†this monkey we pay to catch any and all goofs. That’s any and all¬†you Simian bastard! But whatever, it’s been fixed. And so as not to waste a good segment, the one that starts around 7:30, we decided to reset for this week and give you all the laughs you deserve. A brand new 28th episode will air next week!



It’s been 20 years for Cartoon Network? But I don’t wanna grow up! I partially blame an anthropomorphic¬†giraffe for that but I’m also thankful to cartoons from all over the world (and for a lot longer than 20 years) for keeping me feeling like a kid. Some of my earliest and many of my best memories revolve around those fanciful moving pictures. I’d run to catch the bus after finishing up Robotech in the mornings and race home as fast as my fat little legs would carry me to get home in time for the Transformers and G.I. Joe. All those bright primary splashes were the colors of my childhood and the lasting patina of so much nostalgia. Lots of cameos in the vid below so enjoy and never stop watching…but if you have, it’s never too late to start again ūüėČ

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