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Both who I am and who I’ll be


I need to write and I need to work out later. So I’m going to write about what I’m going to work out later. A lot of times I wander into my garage with only a vague sense of where that days effort is headed. That’s served me well and, I’m sure, hindered my progress for the same reason: it’s unpredictable.

Having a general game plan is great, having specific goals is too. I say “specific” because as you know if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time my exercise regime revolves around useful muscle. As in not just pretty but also purposeful. My goals are to be as powerful as possible, to be fast, flexible and strong all working in unison.

So I run or row or lift big things off the ground or over my head or carry those heavy things around, hang off of bars, climb on top of stuff or crawl and run and row some more. Being that seemingly unfocused requires some focus. But I get bored easily. That’s why P90X and all those other workouts-in-a-box systems aren’t for me. Three months of the same exact 5 to 10 workouts? No thanks. Give me randomness to challenge my mind, body and soul. Let me hit that wall and go over or through it or under it and surprise myself. These victories come when I focus in the tornado that is my fitness plan. It’s the most fruitful yet most tenuous of paths to follow because of the variety. The focus to push beyond what’s expected or what I feel like doing on any given day is the cornerstone of all I do.

If I look at myself and what I want myself to be I know what I need to do to get there both in the gym and in the kitchen. But you are your own worst enemy as I am certainly mine. The willy-nilly approach I take to getting in shape keeps me interested but not always intense. It’s easy to wander, to take it easy or to skip it all together and with the full support of my own mind.

See why that focus is so important?

I cast an impressively long shadow and the reflection I see in the mirror is often more than what I actually am at the moment. These observations, these possibilities I observe, remind me that the better me is right around the corner, at the end of the next mile, under that 300 pounds on the bar or on top of whatever mountain I’ve chosen to climb that day. But it’s never easy. In ten years of being serious about my health I’ve improved in a lot of ways but none of it was easy.

To get sharp you need to stay sharp.

That more than anything is the reason for any success I’ve had up to this point and will be the reason for all the success to come. I might be all over the map from day to day but one thing that can’t change lest I let myself down is the intensity with which I do whatever it is I’m doing. It’s Carpe Diem covered in blood. Grab this one rep, that next step, those few seconds you have left, the five pounds more than you did last time and give those your very best. Pain, fatigue and fear can’t hold a candle to determination. 


With that here’s what’s on tap for tonight:

5 minutes of pushups +


300′ plate carry (90#) +

5 pullups with a :30 minimum dead hang at the end of each set +

15 ball slams (20#)

5 rounds


:30 handstands +

10 box jumps

5 rounds


5 minutes of pushups


500m sprint on the erg


I know what I want to become, time to prove it to myself just how badly.

Western Watchins Week 15



This movie.

0 rounds in the chamber. 



The calm sun rises

Small birds chat and welcome dawn

Their noise is music

Broken? Join the club.


Yep, the A-Team.

Making cool shit out of arguably less cool shit years before MacGyver who was, now that I think about it, probably Murdock’s bastard child with that chick from Airwolf Jan Michael Vincent. What? He was a guy? But he was just so pretty and he was a pilot. Now I need to oil myself up and go play some volleyball to burn off all this energy!

But I’ll write instead. I could play volleyball right now and I am already oiled up but I’m taking it easy for a few days prior to a 5k I’ll be running around EPCOT this weekend. Even with the rest I’ll won’t be firing on all cylinders come Saturday, there’s no avoiding it. Over the years we all develop certain hitches in our get-ups but we shouldn’t, no, we can’t let that slow us down.

You just can’t.

You stop, you die.

When Hannibal and crew were outgunned and under resourced what did they do? Turn tail or worse, surrender? Hell no. They welded something together worthy of The Road Warrior from an old Dodge Dart, one oil drum and twenty feet of chain link fence. Then they went and kicked some television friendly ass.

But kicking ass isn’t always easy. Yeah I get tired, a lot, and yeah I get hurt and have nagging injuries from days long, and some not so long, ago and maybe I don’t want to write something today or go knock out forty five minutes of sprints up and down a highway overpass but even with the pain in my heel or the pinch in my shoulder or the pull in my right hip or pang in my left bicep it all feels wonderfully worth it.

Despite all the pain, life is worth it. It’s rare when you can take it all on at 100%, with everything you need, but if The A-Team taught me anything it’s that explosions can’t kill you. That and also the fact that when faced with difficulty you can simply give up or you can make something out of whatever you got layin’ around and give it all some improvised and gutsy Hell.

We all fall apart, what are you going to make from the pieces?

Western Watchins Week 14


Another “girls” movie? What? No! You’re not gonna make me cry Western genre…no…I won’t….let you….ahhhhhhhh beavers! Tears! Beavers and tears!

Okay, so that sums up Buffalo Girls. Not nearly as wrenching as the first Lonesome Dove but neither is watching a beloved pet die. Lonesome Dove was rough! Thank’s a lot Larry McMurty for making us all cry like little cowbabies. All this emotion from a man who looks like Andy Rooney was turned into a Muppet and then that Muppet was turned human again.

Damn that Man-Muppet can write. And while his novels turned made-for-TV films aren’t among my favorites I haven’t seen one yet that wasn’t worth at least one watch through due to their disarming complexity and genuine heart. Coming off of Bad Girls last week I would’ve gladly watched diuretic cows wander around for an hour or Drew Barrymore porn but that shouldn’t diminish the fact that what Anjelica Huston and her cast mates, including Gabriel Byrne, Melanie Griffith and Peter Coyote, do really has the chance to touch you if you let it.

And think too.

From what I’ve seen of McMurty’s work he shakes up your heart and your mind in equal portions. Neither too ham-fistedly either. Environmentalism, the fate of Native Americans and the dicey world of interpersonal relationships on the frontier all work to make any of his works memorable if not for the gunfights at least for the gumption his creations exhibit in spades.

And oh man did I tell you? A twenty eight year old Liev Schreiber is in this too! He play’s a young Sabretooth. Don’t believe me? Here’s a screenshot:

Alright, you got me. That’s actually a picture of him thinking about how much he looks like me when I’m wearing my peacoat, have had three glasses of vodka, haven’t shaved in a month and just tried to kill Hugh Jackman on his birthday. And that thought makes him smile. See!

He could have just watched Buffalo Girls too I suppose. It made me smile and while I usually like my Wild West full of bullet holes and bravado and all kinds of rapin’ and revengin’ this film left me with a positive vibe. And for different than usual  reasons. For example, Josey Wales leaves me feeling good too but most of that is derived from stabbing through or spitting at people. Buffalo Girls was all time tested friendships and love and those damn beavers.

Veteran character actor Tracey Walter has a lot to do with that beaver story line. Remember him? I know you do, here he is in Conan the Destroyer with Arnold Schwarzenegger and some other dude.

Throw in awesome Indian actor Russel Means as awesome Indian Sitting Bull, Reba McEntire as Annie Oakley and Jack Palance as not a bad guy and holy shit Muppet Man McMurty really cooked himself up a winner this time! All this before you ever really get into the story which revolves around the supposed daughter Calamity Jane supposedly had with Wild Bill Hickok. Oh yeah, he’s in it too and he’s portrayed by none other than Sam Elliot but here…go Google “Sam Elliot”and then come back. I’ll wait.

Are you back? Good. The time it took you to do that is easily eight times longer than Sam’s screen time  It’s no fault of his own. I blame Wild Bill for getting shot. His death is also why I never sit with my back to a door. Or window if I can help it. Or away from whiskey so if I do get shot I don’t care. Oh but you will care about the girls and the buffaloes in Buffalo Girls. If not what is your heart made of man? Stone covered in metal covered in hate? Probably! Just take a break angry guy, go Netflix this and let the beavers work their magic!

Wow, I talked myself into a higher rating for this than I had planned. 4 rounds placed sensitively in the cylinder this week. Because of you know, feelings. So in case you just skipped to this part let’s review and recall the aforementioned Conan while doing so. Most Westerns I like make me feel great for this reason…

Buffalo Girls made me feel great for this reason! 

If that doesn’t make sense then you’ve never been strangely aroused by the preceeding picture! But that’s what I always say, “First it’s Buffalo Girls and before you know it…Grace Jones posters all over you’re bedroom.” Adios for now amigos, I’m off to re-decorate.

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