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Western Watchins #96


Howdy lads. Watched The Professionals this week when a ride here in Arizona was canceled due to inclement weather. We’ll get back to cinematic shenanigans in a few days I promise. For now feast your eyes on a painting Angie made during our vacation here in the desert. Allow it and this post to inspire you. For those who read these words, for those that love the West, get up and go find some bit of adventure in your life this week. And not this weekend, or tomorrow, or later tonight. Right goddamn now. Go hiking or throw a lasso or learn to shave yourself with a straight razor all 1880′s style. Try whiskey or a cigar or that girl at the end of the bar, try anything that scares you just a bit. But live. The point of this blog is to celebrate a Great Spirit. Sitting in front of a computer screen or television won’t do you nor it any good. So until we meet again to marvel at the heights and depths of cowboy celluloid, revel in the fact that many have gone before you called “pioneers” and that the only thing holding you back from being called the same are the decisions you make for yourself. 

Get out there and ride true amigos.