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I forgot this yesterday because yesterday was all about ALIENS: Colonial Marines. Single and multi it’s all fun, exciting and music-to-your-ears great sounding so most of the reviewers out there can eat it.

“It” being my ass. My sexy Marine ass. 

FYI tonight will also be about this game and tomorrow as well and many a day to come me thinks so here’s your poem and I’ll get a review of Bad Girls up later this evening which may be a bit shorter than usual (did I mention I’m playing a lot of Colonial Marines lately?) so I can go ahead and spoil it for you now: Bad Girls was pretty shitty. The pretty being Drew Barrymore, the shitty was everything else.

Now poem!

Storms rage and destroy

But fear the passionless life

Flames both burn and heal



Sharp sticks and a Pulse

I face shiny, grinning death

A smile on my face


Marines! We are leaving…for an interview!


Click right here and be assured of only the finest in official United States Colonial Marine pimping of SEGA’s forthcoming “ALIENS: Colonial Marines” game for every system including your mom! Watch now! It’ll rock your face off, or at least I will. Newt’s doll watched and look what happened to her!



Damn door is welded

Damn xeno’s are everywhere

Damn Pulse running low

On the next episode of ‘Your Week in G33k’


Find out what everyone’s favorite Mathilda has been up to, see something amazing happen on a shiny chrome pole and James Cameron heads to Broadway…sort of. It’s all coming…and soon baby! 

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