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Building the Perfect Beast


Putting something together here. Piece by piece, stronger and stronger. More running with more time coming off my miles which stand around 7:55 per at the moment. Of course speed isn’t my only desire. Speed plus strength AKA power is my craving. Too fast or too strong by themselves and I don’t give two shits. Power is where it’s at. So in between running days some weighty matters were attended to:


6 tractor tire flips + 6 pullups + 600′ of 90# carried in my arms.

(as many rounds in 15 minutes as possible: I scored 3)


This wasn’t as easy as I figured it would be. Which is fine. During a workout I talk myself constantly into pushing harder and generally not being a pussy. As soon as fatigue and/or pain sets in the pussy wants to come out but it’s at every one of those moments that you need to gather your faculties and hold it together.

Know you’ve got it in you to accomplish whatever it is you set out to do even if you bit off more than you can chew.

One focused thought leading to one intense action over and over and over again chain together devastation for anything standing in your way.

If you can’t feel it, maybe you’re dead



5 rounds of 5 pull ups + 90# carried at the chest for around 300′


More rocks and more rollin’ yesterday. Faster and more efficient than last time. I thought it was getting easier till my wife Angie reminded me that it’s not. But I am getting stronger.

Piss and vinegar I suppose.

Many moons to go fore I carry the boulder around in competition but I’ll look at this day as one small accomplishment. More distance and more weight. Lots more to go, but all in time. Consistency is the key in any endeavor. 

You want it? 

Go after it!

Every damn day.

Get up, saddle your horse and ride until the sun’s gone down. Test yourself and the patience of others. Pick up that flag, that rifle, that purpose and fight!

Working out is one helluva metaphor eh? I’m sore and bleeding and bruised quite literally in certain places on my ever aging body but you know what?

I can still feel pain…and strain…and fatigue…and complete exhaustion…ergo I am alive.

I never, ever take that for granted. So I lift and strain and trudge and sprint and hurt and burn. 

And smile the entire I’m at it.


Rock-it, yea-yaah!



Back in the backyard tonight. More weight. Felt heavy (no shit!) at first but I made it through five rounds of the following at a pretty good clip:

2 pullups +

4 pushups +

300 foot walk with 125 pounds (2×45 and 1×35) all gripped to my chest

Light work I know but this was a recovery night after two days of running and some sprints on tap for tomorrow. 5k at EPCOT in three weeks and then running spaces out a bit as all sorts of terrible cross-training ramps up to test me. First I need to make myself a concrete block (or tire!) that weighs about 200 pounds. I’ll take pics when I do.

Should be all dusty and bloody.

And remember, if you can’t carry a huge rock really far you’re probably just not Scottish 😉

Rock out…with your rock out!


I went to the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games last weekend and noticed that they were offering an open competition called the Boulder Boogie. I do all kinds of weird things in my backyard anyway so training for this shouldn’t piss the neighbor’s dogs off anymore than the sled pulls, lunge ladders and bear crawls already do.

Personally I believe a lot of the time one set of dogs is just looking for a distraction from the perpetually annoyed woman they live with who yells at both them and her husband with equal enthusiasm. The only time my wife yells like that is during Lords of Acid/American Psycho inspired sex or at a Dethklok concert.

She is just awesome like that!

So now to make my life even more adventurously awesome I decided to boogie with that boulder when next we meet. So next January. So with almost a year of training in front of me I got started on it a few nights ago.

As many rounds as possible in 20 min of:

82# bag carry for 300′ +

10 sledge slams on the tractor tire +

5 pullups

Managed 8 full rounds. Much room for improvement. The next 12 months will see the weights go up and the time per round come down. Keeping my workouts fun/challenging/always FN different makes sure that I’ll do it.

I get bored so easily.



Wear your kilt and drink
Hurl rock and pole and hatchet
Scottish heritage

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