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Your Week in G33k! (A Gencon-erific Retrospective and Simultaneous look into the Distant Future)


Hello and welcome to “Your Week in G33k”…in case you haven’t notice this isn’t a video. It is in fact a blog entry. Why? Because GenCon was last weekend and Dragon/PAX Prime is next and in between we have to plan a wedding and attend a funeral. I’m not even kidding. So rest assured live episodes will return on Friday September 7th but till then allow me to share with you a rather amazing experience…something called the Cosplay Deviant’s Hentai Cafe that occured last weekend in Indianapolis. I’ve always loved GenCon. Have from the day we met. And probably always will. Had some of my best times in that city and within Gen’s hallowed halls so it should come as no surprise (like when I recognize you Shlee and your crew!) that something rather outstanding might happen when I’m there rolling the dice as it were.
Alright…I have been waiting to write this all week. To give it the proper gravitas or whatever. Instead I decided to down a lot of vodka and just write from the heart. No editing (so sorry for any speling errors) or double checks or re-reads. I just need to get this out:
I love you guys!
“You guys” being the fans and friends I’ve made at cons over the years. You guys who have supported and encouraged me. You guys who’ve made it a point to attend numerous events many involving a story revolving around wolves. You guys who call my name in the hallways
You guys who are just like me. Got a day job probably, pay some bills, have any number of problems, issues or character flaws. You guys who no matter what always make me feel like a million bucks every time we talk. For that I will never be able to repay you all the kindness you do me. I can only hope to that now and forever you will find me worthy of your time.
A fan asked me onstage Friday night at the Cafe what I did to “practice for my character”. Through the adrenaline and vodka I still managed the lucid and pointed answer that what you see on stage isn’t an act. Tentacle Chris is me. I’m not putting on anything. Other than my shirt. Which I then take off.
Me and the Cosplay Deviant girls. We’re the real deal. We’re geeks, dweebs and dorks. Just like you. I was the guy with glasses who go picked on his whole life becuase he was fat and knew what a Veritech Fighter was. I cried when Optimus Prime died and still do everytime I watch the original “Transformers” movie. We’ve come to a point in history when society accepts that nerd-dom is somewhat cool. And lucrative (look at SDCC!) But at the end of the day many of us still don’t accept ourselves. A world is vying for our knowledge, influence and disposable cash and yet many of us can’t look into a mirror comfortably. The world might want us but we don’t want ourselves.
The time for that to stop is right now.
I was literally covered in cash Saturday night and for one reason only: I was bold.
And you can be too. You don’t have to get naked on stage or drink or marry a super model or do anything anyone else tells you to do.
But I will tell you this.
My motto is Vive ut Vivas…live so that you may live. My fans…my friends…stop waiting to live. Get up tomorrow and go do it. I’ve got my scarf and Chucks and hipster headphones and you might think I’m part of the cool kid club. Well I am. But, dammit, you can be too. Want to write a book? Write it! Want to quit your job and move to California? Do it! Ask that girl or guy out? Or both? Fucking do it!
I was astounded by the adoration and love you all showered upon me at the Cafes. The money was great. The emotional currency you spent on me meant infinitely more. I am an admitted fame whore. I love you and you love me and I love you for loving me.
Someone even called me a prophet…because I believe we started a Vodka religion ;), but I’ve never been great at predicting the future. The thing I’m awesome at is the right damn now. I wear that black ring on my right hand to remind me that one day this will all be gone. That I’ll die. And that emboldens me to life right now as hard as I possibly can. I seek to rule each moment as if it’s my last and take you along fot the ride as well. So prophet, eh, I don’t think so. But Vod Emperor of all Geekdom? That sounds about right. It’s actually an amazing reference so check out the DUNE series if you don’t get it but that’s just it…there’s so much to get in this world. And one amazing night at one amazing con made me realize that. We may never get to it all but I’ll be damned if we don’t all try.
So, if you’ll have me, I’d be honored to lead and entertain you all from this point forward into whatever the future may hold for us. Vive ut Vivas my friends. The con may be over but our lives have just begun. So here’s the end of this post…now what are you gonna do about it? Make me proud 😉

I’m Coming. Really.


It all begins Friday. Weekly video content starring me. We’re in production as I write these very words with new stunning and utterly hilarious things scheduled to show up every Friday right here and on Laughs and vodka will be had.

Hentai with Tentacle Chris…LIVE! What could be better?


Not much I tell you so if you’re within earshot, or driving distance or you can teleport get your ass to A Comic Shop this Friday night for an evening in the Geek Easy with Kandi, Freckle, pr0n and me! I will probably even take off my pants. Who knows? You will if you stop by 🙂

Rollin those dice


Finally home from Gencon after one hell of a return flight. I’m running on less than fumes at the moment but it was all worth it. Thank you Indy and thank you to all the fans who came out to support us. I’ll write more once I can think straight but speaking of being straight…yes friends of Brett it’s true! He did bribe me with $20 dollars stuffed into my pants at the Cosplay Deviants Hentai Cafe. It was that kind of night, it was that kind of weekend. The best kind : )

SuperCon! Now!


Come celebrate your independence this weekend with me, Wasabi Anime and the lovely ladies from Cosplay Deviants at Supercon! Tons of fun, costumes, guests, dancing, drinking and wolves! Wooooooooooooolves! In fact if you find me on the con floor and scream “WOLVES!!!” you will get a special prize!

See you there,

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