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Sound and light astound

Playing games deep in the grid

Thank you friend Hedgehog

Marines! We are leaving…for an interview!


Click right here and be assured of only the finest in official United States Colonial Marine pimping of SEGA’s forthcoming “ALIENS: Colonial Marines” game for every system including your mom! Watch now! It’ll rock your face off, or at least I will. Newt’s doll watched and look what happened to her!

I’m going out West…


Well I did but now I’m back from E3 and with any luck we’ll all have an inside look at the convention on this week’s episode of “Your Week in G33k”. And all the stuff that doesn’t make it on the show will end up here over the next few days. Back to the grind for a bit but check back for some nifty pics later tonight 🙂

This is Metrodash!


I’m finishing up a fantastic three part post about my epic birthday bash from a few weeks back and will then begin to document for you all my recent trip to E3 (yes, that E3!) but until then here’s a few pics from the Metrodash this past weekend here in Orlando. It’s a nasty little obstacle course you sprint your ass through. I was paired off with what appeared to be a lumbering 6 foot 4 post college glory dude whom I actually ended up chasing for the better part of the course before passing him with 3 hindrances left to go. It was a very draining 10:13. It was also really fun. Here’s a few friends and I at the end of it all. For the full gallery of all the things we carried, flipped, jumped on, climbed over and crawled through click here and enjoy. A birthday full of babes and bad music plus the biggest video game hard on in the world are right around the corner. And some haiku if you’re good. Till then chums.

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