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Is it hard? That’s a good question.


I was driving in to work today when a news blurb popped on the radio with these nice, compact sound bites from folks as they responded to a report that the IRS would be greatly delayed in getting them their tax returns due to the imminent shortage of man-power brought about by sequestration. One gentleman responded with trepidation and outrage in his voice that he and his family would be terribly traumatized by these delays as he really needed the funds to “get caught up on all the bills that are past due or go splurge on something.”

My wife and I almost ran off the fucking road. I rolled my eyes out of disbelief and, simultaneously, revelation. It’s no wonder, even disregarding a home mortgage, that 46% of Americans are in debt. Almost 1/2 of the country spends more than in brings in and why not with the U.S. government leading by example in this arena. 150 million people thinking and spending like that moron I heard on the air today.

The way to get out of debt, for America and all of her huddled masses yearning to breathe free from financial slavery is an easy one. Don’t spend what you don’t have. Insane hardships or terrible tragedy aside do not spend what you do not have!

This government and half her constituents have all lied to themselves so much they can’t handle the truth anymore. Even all these automatic cuts kicking in are just promised reductions in spending spread out years into the future. They don’t do a damn thing to help lower our bleeding bottom line today. For example, if I was kicking you in the balls right now but promised to slowly cut down on the amount of ball kicking five years from now you’d take a moment to address the very real issue of your badly bruised balls before singing the praises of cutbacks. To stop all that painful ball kicking you’d probably agree that me stopping now is better than maybe slowing down at some indeterminate point of some way off tomorrow.

Now replace “balls” with “out of control spending”. See my point?

From Obama all the way down to Splurge McShmuck there’s a whole lotta folks unwilling to make the tough choices needed to pay back what you owe and move on with your life beholden to no one.

Hey, you know what I want? A set of real metal armor from the movie ALIENS! A set made by Terry English the guy who actually made it for the Marines in the movie! I’ve wanted a set forever but it costs a lot of money. Now honestly I have as much as I need in savings to buy it but, omg, those funds are savings! That much money would be a down payment on a car or a major house repair. It would pay our mortgage for a bit should I ever lose my job or cover the deductible for an unforeseen medical procedure. I want that armor bad (Terry’s not getting any younger) but unless some great windfall rains down on me I would never spend that kind of money of something that, come the end of the day, I really don’t have to have.

It’s a tough choice sure. So is not eating out or going to the movies as much as we’d like. So is opting to wear the same two pairs of ill-fitting pants to work because I’m already pretty enough and this seasons new additions won’t help do anything but drain my bank account. Tough choices to dial back on holiday spending to almost zero or stay a one car family. Tough choices all around but they’re choices I gladly make.

And while my net worth isn’t very much I’m one of the richest people you will ever know. Not because of the dollars that I spend but the moments that I do. I value experiences over expenditures. If this country could quit feeding it’s “I need a bigger TV, car and house” mentality personal debt would almost completely evaporate. If the soul meant more than stuff most wouldn’t owe a dime. Citizens are chasing a poisonous ideal of what “successful” is while the government is chasing down those same citizens votes. Both are dealer and addict at the same time.

Some of us can see this sad fact and we sit next to Tyler and shake our heads and decide to go punch each other or make fun of some asshole in $500 shoes who’s still just an asshole. We may be deviant, we may be bruised but no one owns us and that’s worth everything.

A list? Really?


Yes. Yes really. I’m working on recalling all that Dragon was and is and will one day be but for now you get glimpses and moments. That’s why you’re reading isn’t it? To see and feel for a mo perhaps the way that I do? To slip on some TC tinted glasses and gaze out at the world?

I figured you don’t mind else you wouldn’t still be reading.

And so I was sending out some emails and thinking about the coming trip to AWA and sipping on Jeremiah Weed’s delicious Sweet Tea flavored vodka and all of a sudden I just had to watch the end of the Iron Giant. It’s one of my top five fav movies. No shit. That’s not vodka talking. Vodka says things like “is it okay if I do this on your face?” not “Man, I have to watch to watch the Iron Giant!” Well…actually…I suppose vodka says a lot of things so it very well could be that but whatever the reason I watched it on youtube. And cried. And smiled. And felt 10 again all in the span of 4 minutes. I had forgotten just how much that movie means to me. And it make me think of the others that I just love. Truly, madly and deeply. 5 or 10 or more I don’t know but lets see eh?

Movies that Tentacle Chris keeps close to his heart and ready to go into the DVD player at a moment’s notice:

When I’m feeling Romantic it’s Secretary, Moulin Rouge or Stardust.

When I want to see something shot I have to go with ALIENS, Equilibrium or Boondock Saints (the first one not that second p.o.s)

Two good ones for pretty much anytime are American Psycho and the 1986 Transformers Movie.

And my top five in a most particular order…

5) Fight Club
4) Iron Giant
3) 300
2) Secretary
1) V for Vendetta

Yeah I know Secretary is listed twice. Just worked out that way. There you go. My first list. Neat to the “O”.

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