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To find your greatness

First find equal parts of will

And terrible rage





Silent nights all round

Be grateful for everything

Find thanks and know joy




One solar cycle

Filled with love, lust and laughter

Happy Birthday Ang




On the road yesterday returning from PAX Prime in Seattle. So Haikuesday I forgot and was so distracted at PAX (as PAX so easily distracts) that I did no notice last week’s Western Watchins’ mysterious lack of auto-postitude. Do not fear though that the streak is over as I watched, wrote and wearily prepared this damnable technology to present you faithful few with my words and the fact it decided to taunt me does nothing to diminish those timely accomplishments. The good: you get two reviews tomorrow, the bad: you didn’t get one last week (but I just told you now you’re getting two tomorrow so cheer up) and the ugly will still always be Eli Wallach. Or Augra I guess, goddamn she’s ugly.

And here’s Haiukuesday. On Wednesday.




Gravel under foot

We’ve traveled into the woods

To meet with the rain


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