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Wednesday Before the 4th…so Haikuesday!


Oh America

So many take and give not

This land of “it’s free”


America…Fuck Yeah!


It’s July 4th. A day we famously celebrate our independence from England and all extraterrestrial invaders. I wanted to sum up my thoughts on the benefits and blessings of living here in these United States at a time when we seem more discordant than ever. We’ve certainly seen better days but in the future we’ll see them again I reckon. I could have done that…I could have talked and tiraded for pages. But today shouldn’t be about proselytizing. It should be about thanks. Good old goddamned American thanks. Remember what it’s like to genuinely feel that way? Today have a hamburger, eat some ice cream and down shit tons of beer (or vodka in my case) and be thankful you live here. For all her problems and inequities our country is still flying high as beautiful as the day she was born if you’d just look deep enough. Depending on how you look at things we are all blessed by God or Fate but that doesn’t matter today. What matters is that you’re alive in a pretty damn awesome country. She’s your home and it’s her birthday, let’s put everything aside and celebrate for just one day alright?

Tentacle Chris



Nostalgia is a powerful mistress. Here’s one of the most get-up-and-run-around-your-block-waving-a-flag bits of cinema ever to come into my life. Many of you have seen this. If so enjoy it for all it may mean to you. If not watch it for the first time and try to tell me you’re not moved even though it’s “just a cartoon”.



Breathe in that freedom
Bald eagles and fireworks
Sun and a hot dog

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