I have dilly-dallied for far too long in my oft stated desire to learn how to sew. I can manage stitching webbing together, mending holes, or making baggy pants but that’s about it.

And I’ve had a sewing machine for years.

How many I don’t want to say because it’s embarrassing and I really can’t remember but my poor machine has collected more dust motes than it has hours of use. Sad, sad, sad.

But no longer! I have a task in front of me from my partner in all things amazing (that’s Angie if you’re new to all this) and that is to fabricate a Jem dress for her to wear proudly at DragonCon. I say ‘proudly’ because we take our costuming seriously. We believe in a “do it right or just don’t do it” credo.

So this simple pink 80’s style wrap dress needs to be perfect. Along with that wacky belt she sports. And those techo-magical earring things too.

Wish me luck folks. I dust off the promises, plug in the machine and nut up or shut up tonight!