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1.75 L of Three Olives Bubble vodka…check.

750 ML of Three Olives Rangtang vodka…check.

750 ML of Three Olives Purple vodka (not grape mind you but Purple)…check.

750 ML of Cupcake Vanilla Frosting vodka…yes indeed.

750 ML of Godiva Liqueur…yup.

750 ML of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey…of course.

705 ML of Jeremiah Weed’s Cherry Mash Blended Bourbon Whiskey…got it.

Three 4-packs of Kahlua Mudslides…sure.

200 ML of Goldschalger and 100 ML of Rumple Minze to mix into the Mudslides for “Oatmeal Cookies”…you just have too.

And 200 ML of 99 Bananas liqueur and 50 ML of Disaronno to top it all off? Why the hell not!

With PAX coming up this week and five more brutal workouts to destroy before we fly out Thursday morning it’s nice to know I’ve got all the important things for DragonCon already taken care of 🙂

A list? Really?


Yes. Yes really. I’m working on recalling all that Dragon was and is and will one day be but for now you get glimpses and moments. That’s why you’re reading isn’t it? To see and feel for a mo perhaps the way that I do? To slip on some TC tinted glasses and gaze out at the world?

I figured you don’t mind else you wouldn’t still be reading.

And so I was sending out some emails and thinking about the coming trip to AWA and sipping on Jeremiah Weed’s delicious Sweet Tea flavored vodka and all of a sudden I just had to watch the end of the Iron Giant. It’s one of my top five fav movies. No shit. That’s not vodka talking. Vodka says things like “is it okay if I do this on your face?” not “Man, I have to watch to watch the Iron Giant!” Well…actually…I suppose vodka says a lot of things so it very well could be that but whatever the reason I watched it on youtube. And cried. And smiled. And felt 10 again all in the span of 4 minutes. I had forgotten just how much that movie means to me. And it make me think of the others that I just love. Truly, madly and deeply. 5 or 10 or more I don’t know but lets see eh?

Movies that Tentacle Chris keeps close to his heart and ready to go into the DVD player at a moment’s notice:

When I’m feeling Romantic it’s Secretary, Moulin Rouge or Stardust.

When I want to see something shot I have to go with ALIENS, Equilibrium or Boondock Saints (the first one not that second p.o.s)

Two good ones for pretty much anytime are American Psycho and the 1986 Transformers Movie.

And my top five in a most particular order…

5) Fight Club
4) Iron Giant
3) 300
2) Secretary
1) V for Vendetta

Yeah I know Secretary is listed twice. Just worked out that way. There you go. My first list. Neat to the “O”.

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