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Whoooooooo…would draw this and why?


The answers? A lady named Betty Turbo┬ámade this and I’m pretty certain she did so to make my Monday night even that much better. Better because I already had pizza and vodka and Pepper Mint┬áso I only had a little room left to cram any more awesomeness into the evening.

Elections are soooo important!


So go and vote for Pepper Mint in Playboy’s Miss Social Contest right now! She’s in a tight battle for first and if she wins the day she’ll be in the semifinals!!!

Pepper! She’s the spice of life!!!


It’s true! Pepper Mint of Mint Chocolate Chippie fame wants to be in Playboy and you can help! Check out “Playboy’s Miss Social Contest” on Facebook and vote your sweet ass off for Pepper!

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