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I laid there in my hotel room after one last night of promotion, and partying, in the name of my most beloved science fiction franchise smelling of smoke and satisfaction. The sounds of San Francisco below wafted up and over me as my mind drifted towards dreamland and as if to provide the most perfect soundtrack for the sleepy little train that was my brain pulling quickly out of the station I heard Simple Minds “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” begin to play loud and clear and seemingly just for me. I wouldn’t have been surprised if, had I looked down four floors to the still busy street below, Bill Paxton had been standing there with a boombox held over his head.

Not surprised at all.

That’s just the way this past year and a half has gone working with SEGA and Gearbox as they ramped up to rip the gaming industry a new one with ALIENS: Colonial Marines. That one song playing in that one moment managed a pretty perfect bow on one of the greatest adventures I’ve ever known.

I could write voluminously about my experiences but in the end it’s ultimately impossible to describe the indescribable. From that first E3 back in 2011 through IGN’s Community Event last weekend it’s all a delightful blur and while I’ll assuredly forget specific details as the years go by and memory fades I will never let slip the way I feel about what I was doing and who I was doing it with. 

My friends, my family, at SEGA and Gearbox.

Both huge corporations the likes of which I’m sure in some respects Weyland-Yutani would be proud of and yet at every event, some held on the biggest stages this industry has to offer, I always felt like I was at a backyard barbecue sharing a drink and some stories with people very near and dear to me. Always basking in the fact that you could say “Gorman!” and someone would inevitably follow up with “You always were an asshole!” We’d all been waiting for this game, this proper sequel, for almost 27 years and despite all that time our love for xenos and atmospheric processors and just the right sound a pulse rifle makes had only grown. And now we had a group of people to share that love with and soon we’d share the labor of our love with the whole damn planet.

I’m riding high man. I can’t hide it and don’t want or need to anymore. I have the game in hand and will drink unheard of amounts of both coffee and vodka tonight. The kid inside me will smile and the adult I am will know that growing up isn’t so bad if you’re wearing armor while you do it. And underpinning all the excitement this evening is sure to bring, the jump inducing heart in your throat just too quiet moments and the screaming grenade launching I can’t believe that just happened action filled ones, will be an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

To SEGA and to Gearbox:  Your matchless generosity, unsolicited kindness and honest commaraderie have meant the world to me and my little squad of ultimate badasses. Our time together has been precious and whether our paths ever cross again I know we will never forget about you and feel confident that you won’t forget about us.

Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart.


Marines! We are leaving…for an interview!


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Damn door is welded

Damn xeno’s are everywhere

Damn Pulse running low

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