Time to move on from all this buffalo stuff and into more buffalo stuffI!!! Things tend to come in threes they say like celebrity deaths, trendy underwear and musketeers so to complete this current trifecta of relatable buffalo material I need to look no further than The Possum Posse. Some of my favorite bands are Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and Dethklok ergo I love listening to songs all about angst, love and ultra-hate but my formative years were soundtracked by pretty much one man alone: Weird Al. His smart stupidity was just my game seeing as I was fat, “gifted” and knew way more about Autobots and Decepticons than any girl I’d ever had the flutters for. I was legally blind but even without my unforgivingly 80s styled eyewear I could see that this man had something to say to me and mine back in the day when “nerd” was a negative. I could hear his lyrics soothing my soul and justifying all the bookworm burden I carried. I also touched him once when a friend and I went to a local radio station to meet him in person in order to touch him and thus verify he was no dream but in fact a reality that we could all strive proudly to attain. He was one of the first cool nerds and reminded us, with every album and absurd antic, that all of us dorks were cool nerds too.

Flash forward to now, an age dominated by comic book movies and oversized plastic glasses when video game aptitude is more likely to land you in bed with a cheerleader than being on the football team. I’m thankful Weird Al got his long coming dues last year when everybody, other than us OG nerds, realized just how fucking amazing he is. And I’m thankful that I’ve never forgotten how to laugh and that there are artists out there who continue to make me do so. The Possum Posse are among that elite and revered grouping.


Their “Guy on a Buffalo” series of shorts was my gateway drug and while you could say I was way late to the party, the videos originally appearing around 2011, I say that my buffa-love found their buffa-laughs just when it was supposed to. These guys found some public domain footage and, throwing all manner of wits and wackiness at it, forged what has become the definitive bison themed musical comedy. Also makes for a great way to watch the whole movie in under ten minutes. The four episodes cook up a masterful treat like a cake made of perfect punchline timing slathered in improvisational icing. It’s so delicious you will think to yourself “never have I wanted more buffalo in my mouth so damn badly!” So, with no more episodes to intake, you will sit like an orphan waif begging for more of this silly and savory bluegrass to be dropped onto your emotional dinner plate. You will wonder “will I ever laugh again” and “how the hell did I get here plus why is this guy such a douche?”



Then you’ll remember that Oliver(!) was just a movie and there aren’t any more poor people because President Obama fixed all that along with the health care system and Islamic terrorism. Who’s telling funny jokes that aren’t funny because they’re so upsettingly untrue now? This guy!



My God! That’s me, there I am! How the hell did I ever end up married to who I ended up married too? Answer: I must be fucking funny! Folks, if it’s one gospel truth Weird Al and The Possum Posse preaches it’s that when you’re hilarious the world is your oyster.


Don’t believe me?



Money might make the world go round, though gravity and God and magnets might beg to differ, but no matter how much money you have it still could run out…but if you’re funny…that’ll last you your entire life and leave a wake of laughter behind you the entire time. The Possum Posse, attractive gentlemen though they appear to be, know this and did not simply rest on their buffa-laurels. The attention that four quirky little YouTube offerings brought them funded a successful Kickstarter effort and the rest is humorous history. Let’s Ride, Boys! was soon released and with it came eleven brand spanking new songs to enjoy in addition to those adventures of the one particular guy on that one particular buffalo.

Self-described as “sardonic” and certainly self-effacing, the tracks move along with the same efficient pacing and sly storytelling I’d already come to expect from The Posse. A comfortably conversational tone pervades the entire album making you feel like you’re listening live in some delightfully dirty dive privy to all the personal interactions that happen between band members when you see a group perform in person. It’s all goofy but never absurd. That’s been all the rage for some time now and even I’m guilty of it though it’s a crutch I don’t often enjoy leaning on akin to swearing if only to cover up the fact you can’t make people chuckle any other way. Fuckin’ people.

Absurdity is a great addition to your arsenal but real smarts make for better smiles in my estimation. Word play and situationally aware composition are hard word but make for easy listening on selections like the “Well Mannered Riders” which explains the exploits of one gang of hardened lawmen who pride themselves on respecting private property and making sure all their leather gear is of matching shades. “Liquored Me Up” is one of those “we’ve all been there before” working man’s madrigals in which the singer recalls his reluctance to attend a family reunion, old folks home and wedding shower until wonderful amounts of alcohol convince him otherwise. One of my personal favorites is about a poor bastard who meets the woman of no man’s dreams online but still proceeds to date her. “Alright By Mine” is the most caustically sweet and backstabbingly lovey love song you’re ever likely to hear. It, along with the cautionary tale “Ginsu”, had me thinking I wasn’t the only one here reared on the weird (Al).

5 rounds in the cylinder for The Possum Posse. You (fuckin’) people probably couldn’t tell but I’m a comedian myself. I don’t find too many things LOL level humorous or even crack a smile sort of humorous. This group manages to LOL my crack with almost every verse. Their first attempt out of the gate was a winner and in the coming years I expect more of that same variety. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and even Myspace. You can watch their videos on YouTube and listen to samples from Let’s Ride, Boys! (full songs on Spotify!) and a few others that never made it onto a full length album right here. Or better yet, go see them live if you can (around the Midwest mostly) and convince them to tour in the South (where I am mostly) sooner rather than later. Until that time I’ll continue to ride true, and with some damn fine and funny tunes along with me on the trip.